Thursday, July 23, 2015

Joyce Marlene

Being with baby Nora has brought back so many memories of being with my babies. Especially, of course, Joycie. Not only because Nora is her daughter, but also because she looks like her momma.

When Nora was first born, she looked more like Mike than Joyce.  As the months passed, though, Nora began to resemble Joyce.

Joycie is on the left and Nora on the right.  Both photos taken after their bath and in their Daddy's arms. And when I think about the years ahead with Nora, I can't help but remember all the years of my baby girl growing and changing and becoming the wonderful woman she is today.

Having an adult daughter who has given me a granddaughter is kinda like a surreal experience. I still have those moments when I think of Joyce as a I did when she was, for example, still in high school. Sometimes, though not real often, it's like my brain doesn't want to admit that Joyce is now a grown up, capable, smart, strong woman. She's all of that and beautiful and amazing. Joyce is also a very talented writer. Composition was always her strength throughout her school years, especially high school and college, and during her post-grad studies. I love reading what she writes. Which is why I'm so happy that Joyce has started her own blog.

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