Sunday, January 15, 2012

...and as it always has, rock crushes scissors...

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. They're about as effective for me as To Do lists. I suck at both. I do better with Goals. One goal can kick 4 New Year's resolutions' asses. My latest long-term goal is simple... when I get home, usually from work, my goal is to almost immediately NOT set my fat behind in my recliner. Because when I do that, I usually stay there for pretty much the duration of the evening. Nothing gets done. Recently, I have even asked Kevin to handle the damn TV remote control because my right hand hurts (too much computer time lately).

I have been working a lot of long days the past few weeks, what with the annual crunch time at work (4th quarter and year-end close). I'm sore and tired. The chair beckons even as I am driving home.

I have several projects at home in varying stages of completion. I blame it on the damn chair.

I am super duper behind on my paperwork at home. I blame it on the damn chair.

I not only did not lose any weight last year, but I now weigh 7 pounds more than I did this time in 2011. I blame it on the damn chair. Well, truly I blame it jointly with certain aspects of my job. And the damn chair.

Because I, of course, am perfect at accomplishing everything I set out to do, but my perfection has been derailed, by no fault of mine, by that damn chair. SIGH.

I would get rid of that chair entirely (and Lord knows, I should - between me and Wiley, it has rips and tears and kinda looks like crapola), and Kev and Joyce have both suggested it... but I WILL KILL THE PERSON WHO DARES TO TAKE MY CHAIR AWAY. That is not me talking, by the way, it is the damn chair.

Wiley loves to lay in the chair sometimes during the day when we're gone. While he sleeps and lays his head on either arm, he drools, so the material covering the arms is rather stiff with dried dog drool. And though this grosses Kevin out, I find it endearing. It's not any dried dog drool, it's my Wiley's drool. Plus this makes my chair less likely to be occupied by other people.

My short-term goal today is to get laundry done and while doing the laundry, get some job work done... I brought my company laptop home again this weekend. It's nice I can get work done from home, but it stains my weekend. SIGH.

As it is currently past noon, the day is technically half over, and I am still in my pajamas and not yet started laundry. As a further means of procrastination, I decided to write this blog post. It had been so long since I've posted, I actually forgot my password and had to look it up. Now that's sad.

On the plus side of procrastination efforts, I have gotten all caught up on my eBay feedback. That would remain a strange statement without an explanation... I've been buying beads and findings on eBay, all sweet, pretty things for 99 cents or so with free shipping, and many from far-away lands (i.e., China, Hong Kong, New Jersey, etc). I receive small padded envelopes in the mail on practically a daily basis. This led our inquisitive postal delivery guy to ask my daughter about it one day when he had to hand-deliver a large package from Amazon at Christmastime. She was a bit taken aback by his blunt question. I told her she should have said it was all about sex toys. Big business in sex toys. Especially those from foreign places like New Jersey.

A friend of mine at the pottery studio makes a lot of ceramic pendants, and she uses them to make jewelry, along with many other beautiful things out of which she makes jewelry. I don't wear necklaces... I used to, but I found after my neck surgeries, that they tend to irritate the big scar at the back of my neck. But I have found that I enjoy making ceramic pendants. Which is why I got into buying all the jewelry beads and crap on eBay. I've also become somewhat obsessed with making pieces of pottery using leaves, dried weeds and other plant pieces. Which I have also used making pendants. Stay tuned for photos sometime soon, or so... No promises. Bet you could guess that huh.

Joyce and Mike have left today already as they have a meeting at the church with the sister. At the church in which they will be married this June. I'm not sure who "the sister" is and why they have to meet with her, but it's a requirement of the Catholic church where they will be married. There's much I don't understand about Catholicism, and I'm pretty certain that's not gonna change. Tomorrow will be five months from their wedding day.

Sammy is still working at McDonalds. He still dislikes it, but it's money. Which that boy goes through like water.

My procrastination now must end. Kev is in our bedroom, and I hear the vacuum running. You don't realize how dangerous that situation is. He might throw away something good. Not of his, of mine. His claim that I have hoarder tendencies is completely unfounded. Packrats are an entirely different species from hoarders.

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  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Your blog posts crack me up!! More! More!! What's the status on the chair? LOL!!!!