Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

I've always liked bugs. As a kid, I'd look for them everywhere outside. All the little parts of the bugs kinda fascinated me. I'd make the ants go one way, then block them off to make them go another, and another. Major summertime fun.

That's not to say I am 100% a fan of bugs 100% of the time. If there's one in my house, I'll send it to that great big bug heaven in the sky no problemo. And spiders can really creep me out. Through becoming somewhat obsessed last spring & summer with taking photos along our ditch of all the floral and fauna, including bugs and yes, many spiders, I've come to not only appreciate spiders more, but all the weird and the familiar bugs I came across. It's their shapes - geometrical, flowing, long, short, skinny, fat... and all the colors. The colors! Truly amazing. And the combination of colors. So pretty. Pretty, pretty bugs! And the legs and wings. Weird eyes. Hairy parts... Interesting, very interesting.

I have accumulated a lot of close-up photos of bugs. I've been sorting through them all, and I've been able to trash a kazillion and one jpg files off my computer's overloaded hard drive the past couple of weeks. Following are some that I have decided I like... enjoy - I hope you don't get creeped out (Kathy!)...

(Click on the photos to enlarge 'em and really see some detail... on most of them, some of them I saved a cropped smaller photo and deleted my nice large original jpg file... *sigh*)

The end. (Do you feel itchy all over?)

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  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Get out the Sevin! Better living through chemicals. :-) Just kidding...you had me hooked - right up to the beetles. Then you lost me. Beautiful pics, though.