Monday, September 27, 2010

Sam's Sophomore Homecoming Dance

Sam took his friend, Jacy, to the Homecoming this year. We took photos at Jacy's house, then back at our house, then we joined a large group of Sam's friends at one of the girl's grandparents' home.

At Jacy's house:

At our house:

The grandparents' home was a lovely place to take photos... beautiful, large home and grounds. The skies were a bit gray, and it was a bit cool out, but we still got some great photos.

This is my favorite photo of Sam and Jacy - I took it while sitting in the front seat of the car by just holding my camera upside-down and taking a bunch of pics... this one is cute.

After all the photo ops, Sam and Jacy met some more friends at B-Dubs and had dinner, then they all headed to the dance at the high school. The dance was held in the school cafeteria, and since Sam's on Student Council again this year, he got to get up early and help decorate for the dance. After the dance was over at 11pm, Sam went to an after-party at his friend Zack's house, then overnight at Nate's. Sam got home around noon on Sunday, and took a nice, long nap in the afternoon! He and Jacy both had fun.

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