Wednesday, January 06, 2010

If ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep

Happy New Year... 2009 quit us pretty much the same way it came upon us, with our sleeping forms completely oblivious.

Our New Year's Eve:

Me, home from work late afternoon. Sam home with friend, Zack. Kev arrived home shortly thereafter. Joyce and Mike gone, off on a little road trip in Canada with friends for the holiday.

Me, searching in the refrigerator for one of the Baileys Minis, one of a 4-pack that was part of one of my Christmas presents. MY PRESENT. Found 1 left. Disappointment mixed with irritation at Kevin, who had imbibed the other 3 sans permission.

Kevin, watching me pour it on top of ice cubes and mix it with a little milk and Chocolate drink mixer stuff (that Joyce received for Christmas, me opening sans permission!), says "You should be careful, those little minis are stronger than you think they are." He knows my alcohol consumption habits of late have put me well back into the category of newbie.

Me, "No problem." Says I.

Me, sitting in the much-adored recliner, about 4:30pm, Zack's mom, Tracey, arrives and takes Sammy and Zack away with her. She and her hubby are going to a New Year's Eve Party and the boys are staying home with Zack's little brother, Trent, and friend Jason.

Kev, outside doing his outside stuff. Feeding the dogs, replenishing the wood stove... you know, chores and stuff. Shoveling snow, sweeping the pole barn out. Things he does that keep him outside. Hunting camoodravores in bundlingers in the back forty with whochagidgets or whatever. Stuff that keeps him out-of-doors for hours. Very Important Stuff.

Me, having finished the creamy little drink, realize Kev was probably right. Feeling it all the way to my toes. Lean way back in the recliner. Uh, oh. Not such a good idea... too far back, the ceiling began to move. Up a bit. Much better.

Next hour or so is a total blank.

Kev, coming back into the house, stomps his feet on the porch and wakes me up.

Within 10 minutes we are in the truck on our way to Los Palominos in Mt. Pleasant for some very excellent Mexican food.

Stuffed and home by 7:30pm.

Kev watching football on TV and enjoying a few Sam Adams.

Me, on the computer checking emails and intending to write a blog post all about The Year 2009.

9:00 pm - Kev, in fetal position, sound asleep on sofa with empty Sam Adams bottle in hand. I remove bottle, turn down the TV and go back to playing Solitaire on computer.

10:00 pm - wake up Kev to go to bed.

Sometime during the night - exchange text messages with kids, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In response to text from Joycie, briefly describe our evening to her. Receive text back from Joycie: "oh jeeze. you two old people."

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