Friday, October 17, 2008

Lists and research

Some things I cannot do without:
  • Coffee - I've been trying to cut down to 2 cups per day (always first thing in the morning), but I cannot. I can give up a lot of things, and I thought an excess of coffee was one of them, but sadly... it is not.

  • Vicodin and valium

  • Text messages from my kids

  • Kisses goodbye from Kev

  • Advice from my Mom & Dad

  • TV & the big, green recliner

  • Lists... to do lists, grocery lists, recipes to look up online lists, books to read lists, pottery ideas lists

  • Time at Space Studios

  • Spectacles... my eyesight sucks now, well, really I should say it sucks more now

  • My memory foam pillow

Some things I would love to rid from my life:
  • Lists

  • Vicodin and valium

  • Stress from a certain person at work

  • Some particular procrastination

  • Excessive salt

  • Certain hair follicles, skin tags, and other unsightly sights... seriously I am so getting old

  • My obsession lately with MegaMillions and Classic Lotto 47... coz I truly believe it ain't gonna work, no matter how many prayers I send out, which belief I believe jinx my prayers, so it's doomed, right?... get it?...*sigh*

  • My focus on a coworker's use of "y'all" so often... seriously, now that I've noticed how often he uses it, I can't stop listening for it, and it's kinda driving me nuts... yesterday on a phone call, he used it like 5 times in 2 minutes and it made me batty... not him using it, my listening for it... get over it already, self...

  • Chipmunks at my bird feeder

Whirling Dervish

I have been hearing 'whirling dervish' a lot lately. It's kinda weird. Sammy didn't know what it was, so I tried to explain it to him. I remember the first time I really looked into what a whirling dervish was... I read it in one of the "Mrs. Pollifax" books (the Reader's Digest Condensed version) and I looked it up. I heard it recently on the new TV show, "The Ex List" (great show by the way!). With my vertigo thing happening, I find myself thinking of it... and telling myself STOP! because it does not help to think of that.

If you do a 'net search, you'll get tons of hits. It's a very religious thing, but has now also become a tourist attraction. Kinda sad, that. But maybe not. After all, what's the biggest tourist attraction in Italy? Um, yeah, the Pope. Makin' money from religion ain't no new thang.

Dervish whirl, that is, spin in place, slowly at first, then increasing in speed, to achieve some kind of spiritual high or state of mind beyond their bodies or something like that.

I can hardly stand to even think of doing that. No thank you. However, I do like to say it... Whirling Dervish, whirling dervish...


Remember when these necklaces were so popular?

Oh, wait, they still are...

I had one back in the 70's... like the peace sign, it was mostly just fashionable to me and my friends. We were alive in the 60's but didn't live through it like some people to whom the peace sign is much more important. Like the ankh, which was not originally a Christian symbol.... apparently, there is some debate on what it truly represents. But like many pagan items, rituals and dates, the Christians took them over and own 'em now.

I also heard "ankh" on the TV show, "The Ex List." Which got me thinking... those characters are pretty young... they just seem too young to me to be mentioning things like "whirling dervish" and "ankh"... but the writers are Rick Eid and Matt McGuinness, and I don't think they're very young... but quickly finding info on Eid or the other guy was kinda difficult... and I just don't care that much to spend any more time on it. But I suspect they're both around my age or so, i.e., old.

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